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What are the specs on the tent, sleeping pad, etc.?
Great question! Our tents (Big House 4 for Standard and Festival, & Bird Beak SL2 for Backpacking), pads (Hinman 2.5”), and bags (Buell 30˚) are all from Big Agnes. Most of the kitchen kit gear is from GSI Outdoors. Tables, chairs, stoves, and coolers are all Coleman. If you have any other gear specifics, please feel free to shoot us an email. We’re happy to answer!

Do you offer a group rate or discounts for large parties?
We’re more than happy to discuss discounted rates for large groups. Please fill out the form on the group rental page and someone will get back to you ASAP with a quote.

While we try and answer all your questions throughout our website, it is inevitable that questions will arise. So, to try and make it simple for you (which is our #1 priority across everything we do), we collated everything into this FAQ Section.

What about the van? Where’s information on the van?
We know, it’s a bit confusing - the name…Peace Vans Outfitters. You’d expect a “van”. But, that’s our sister business Peace Vans Rentals that rents all this awesome equipment AND a van. Visit Peace Vans Rentals if you need a vehicle AND camping equipment. Peace Vans Outfitters is just camping equipment!

What kind of vehicle do I bring?
Any kind! That’s the whole point. You bring your own SUV, your prius, your rental car, your horse drawn cart. We will stock whatever you show up with the curated kit you select.

How does the additional person fee work? How many of each item are included in the base package?
Our base packages comes with the proper amount of items for one person to camp comfortably (1 sleeping bag, 1 pad, 1 pillow, 1 camp chair, etc.). Each person you add on (with a flat one time fee of $75) means we'll add in all the extra items you'd need for that number of people to camp comfortably (sleeping bag, pad, pillow, camp chair, etc.). The additional person fee also covers/includes adding in however many tents you'd need to accommodate the number in your party.

I don’t see a place to put in my promo code… where can I do so?
There’s a small link just above the Due Now section that says “Click here to redeem a Gift Card/Promo Code”! Click on that and it will prompt you to enter your code: