Simplify Your Camping Experience:
Rent Your Gear From The Experts

  • Flying in to Seattle and don’t want to drag your camping gear through TSA?

  • Going camping next weekend and have no idea where your stuff is or if it’s complete or clean?

  • Coming to town for some shows or a festival and want to camp on site?

Regardless of your reason, you now have an option to simplify your camping life with the help from the experts at Peace Vans Outfitters. Just select your package, set your dates, pick some add-ons and add the number of people, the pick up the morning of your reservation at our very convenient Seattle location. When you are done, just drop it all back off and we’ll take care of everything else.

Having rented and equipped over 2000 vintage camper van renters over these past years, we have learned a few things about what makes a perfect camping set up. After being asked for years to rent our equipment without renting one of our classic vans, we are finally ready to say YES. Looking for all this good stuff AND one our classic camper van rentals? Head over to Peace Vans Rentals website for that. Just want the equipment? You are in the right place.


Three Pre-Packaged Camping Solutions For you


Standard Camping Package


Everything you need for a comfortable and easy car camping based experience. From camp chairs and a table, to tent, sleeping bags and sleeping pads. From pots and pans to a first aid kit and even a garlic press. It’s all there in ready to go bins. These are tried, true and proven solutions for the easiest and most complete camping experience.

  • $250 for 1 person for 3 nights (minimum)

  • Additional nights: $80/night

  • Additional people: $75/person

Festivals and The Gorge Events


Headed out for a few days of fun at the Gorge, Summer Meltdown, or similar? We will load everything you need into your car and off you go. Optional packages available if you want to cook for yourself and additional add-on as well such an extra cooler, shade structure and portable power. Sadly, we don’t rent for Burning Man .

  • $190 for 1 person for 3 nights (minimum).

  • Additional nights: $80/night

  • Additional People: $75/person



Jumping off onto the trails, hiking the beaches or leaving your car behind for some other adventure? We pare down our standard camping package to just the essentials and simplify things like cooking to smaller footprint and lighter weight options. We have sourced the best options for you and have it all ready to go when you come to pick up.

  • $280 for 1 person for 3 nights (minimum)

  • Additional nights: $80/night

  • Additional people: $75/person

Pick The Option That Best Suits You To Learn More

What’s Included?

Well, that depends on what package you select! But, regardless of the package you choose, you are guaranteed to have everything you need (and then some) for a perfect camping experience. All of our equipment has been thoughtfully selected, thoroughly tested, lovingly cared for and meticulously packed and prepped for your pick up.

All of our equipment has been tested, used and run through multiple cycles and seasons of use and even abuse to make sure it stands up to your demands and performs the way it should. We frequently cycle out worn and torn items - we do several trips to Goodwill a year to drop off retired gear and give it a second use!

We source from many of the brand you know and love (REI, Marmot, RUMPL, Coleman, etc.) and seek out those you might not have heard of (Power Practical, Brumble, Good To Go, Slipint and more). No matter where the gear comes from you have our personal promise it’s awesome!


What’s This Awesome Service Cost?

We have tried to keep our pricing simple and transparent. Depending on the package you can plan on anything between $40/per person per day up to $85/per person per day. All depending on the length of time, the base package, number of people and options.

Each of our packages has over $1,200 worth of equipment included in it!