Simplify Your Camping Experience:
Rent Gear From The Experts

  • Flying in to Seattle and don’t want to haul your camping gear through TSA?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of wrangling, cleaning, and packing up gear for your upcoming trip?

  • Coming to town for a festival and want to camp without the headache of cleaning your gear after?

Regardless of your reason, simplify your camping experience with help from the experts at Peace Vans Outfitters! All you need to do is reserve a package now and then pick up your kit from our convenient Seattle SoDo location and hit the road. When your trip is over, just drop off your gear and let us do the cleaning.

Having rented and equipped over 2000 vintage camper van renters over these past years, we have learned a few things about what makes a perfect camping set up. After being asked for years to rent our equipment without renting one of our classic vans, we are finally ready to say YES. Looking for all this good stuff AND one our classic camper van rentals? Head over to Peace Vans Rentals website for that. Just want the equipment? You are in the right place.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found you guys. I feel like all the planning stress has been lifted! - Mandee

Three Pre-Packaged Camping Solutions For You


Standard Camping Package


Everything you need for a comfortable and easy car camping based experience. From pots and pans to a first aid kit and even a garlic press… it’s all packed, clean, & ready! These are tried, true and proven solutions for the easiest and most complete camping experience.

  • $195 for 1 person for 2 nights (minimum)

  • Additional nights: $40/night

  • Additional people: $75/person

Festival Package


Headed out for a few days of fun at the Gorge, Paradiso, or similar? We’ll pack everything you need so you can focus on enjoying the music. Optional cooking kit and add-ons as well such an extra cooler, shade structure and portable power are available. Sadly, we don’t rent for Burning Man.

  • $140 for 1 person for 2 nights (minimum).

  • Additional nights: $40/night

  • Additional People: $75/person

Backpacking Package


Leaving your car at the trailhead so you can immerse yourself in nature? We’ve pared down our standard camping package to make it lighter and more compact. You bring your pack and we’ll give you everything you need to fill it!

  • $210 for 1 person for 3 nights (minimum)

  • Additional nights: $80/night

  • Additional people: $75/person

If you already have gear & just need to rent supplementary
items to round out your packing list we offer:


What’s Included?

Each package contains a different arsenal of equipment to fit the situation. But, regardless of the package you choose, you are guaranteed to have everything you need (and then some) for a perfect camping experience! All of our equipment has been thoughtfully selected, thoroughly tested, lovingly cared for and meticulously packed and prepped for your pick up.

We source from many of the brand you know and love (GSI, Coleman, Big Agnes, Packtowl etc.) and seek out those you might not have heard of (Swift Cup Coffee, Hest Outdoors, Silipint and more). No matter where the gear comes from you have our personal promise it’s awesome! Plus, we regularly cycle out worn and torn items, donating them to Goodwill and other local causes!


What’s This Awesome Service Cost?

We have tried to keep our pricing simple and transparent. Depending on the package you can plan on anything between $40/per person per day up to $85/per person per day. All depending on the length of time, the base package, number of people and options.

Each of our packages has over $1,200 worth of equipment included in it!