Founded in 2012, Peace Vans began as simple little VW Camper van repair shop. Over the years, our passion and commitment allowed us to grow and expand into what we are now; a family of connected businesses with the single mission of making people happy by connecting them to a path to the outdoors. We currently operate 4 unique businesses all located within our Seattle HQ:

  • Peace Vans: The original VW Camper repair shop. Known nationwide for quality, innovation and service we are proud to wear the mantle of Largest VW Camper shop in the US

  • Peace Vans Rentals: Our rental fleet of nearly 20 vans we rent out

  • Peace Vans Modern: We have recently begun partnering with Mercedes to build modern camper vans. We even rent some of them

  • Peace Vans Outfitters: Launched in 2018, we are taking our expertise in outfitting our rental vans and customers and extending that to anyone who wants to rent camping gear alone (No Van Required!).

While it may sound like a lot, we are actually a true small business and powered by the individual passion, commitment and talent of our teams. We all live our values each day and truly just want to make you happy!


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