Enjoy The Show And Don’t Sweat the Camping 

Headed to the Gorge for a weekend of shows? Maybe one of the smaller independent festivals? Oregon Country Fair? Pretty much anything except Burning Man is fine with us (as long time Burners ourselves, we know what happens to gear down there). Leave all the details large and small to us. Just swing by Peace Vans on your way out of town and we will load your car up with everything you’ll need to enjoy your festival!

What’s Included

  • Tent, Groundcloth, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Bag Liner, Pillow, Sleeping Pad, Camp Chair, Table, Cooler, First Aid Kit, Headlamp, Lantern, Large Mat, Tote Bag, & Coozie (For gear specs click here).

Additional Options

  • Kitchen/Cooking Kit ($60 one time fee) - includes everything you’ll need to chef it up:

    • Spatula, Whisk, Measuring Implements, Cutting Board, Sharp Knives (In Sheaths), Garlic Press, Cheese Grater (Doubles as Zester), Plates, Bowls, Utensils, Drinking Cups, Thermal Cups for Hot Drinks, Wine & Martini Glasses (On Request), Frying Pan, Pot Set for Cooking, 2 Burner Stove, Propane, Spices & Condiments, Bag of Fresh Roasted Coffee, French Press, 40 oz. Thermal Container (On Request), & 64 Oz. Growler (On Request)

  • Extra Tent ($80 one time fee) - The fees for additional people cover the number of tents you’ll need to comfortably house everyone, but in case you want a little extra privacy or there is a snorer in the group, add an extra tent onto your order!

  • Shade Structure ($70 one time fee) - Escape the sun between sets!

  • Additional Cooler ($55 one time fee) - The base package comes with a cooler, but depending on how much beer you plan to drink, another cooler might be a good idea!

  • Portable Power ($120 one time fee) - Taking so many pictures you’re worried about the batteries dying? Add solar paneled portable power, so you can stay charged!

  • Premium Sleeping Package ($75 one time fee per person) - Worried about getting a good nights sleep? Hest Outdoor's Sleep System takes the best things from your home mattress and packaged it up into a portable, deluxe comfort experience for under the stars.

Can’t make it to SoDo to pick up or drop off after your trip? We offer gear delivery & retrieval from anyplace within Seattle city limits!



Minimum Package
$140: 1 Person for 2 nights

Additional People?
$75/person (one time fee)

Additional Nights?

So, 4 people for 4 nights would be:
$140 (minimum package)
+ $225 (for extra three people)
+ $80 (for extra two nights)
= $445 total ($111 per person for entire trip, or about $27 per person per night)

To Reserve:

  • Click Book Now

  • Select your package options

  • Select the start date, duration, and pick up time

  • Check out!