Everything You’ll Need, But Not Too Much

With over 2000 camping trips packed for, we like to think we have a handle on what you need and - more importantly - what you don’t. We strike the balance between delighting you with little surprises, but making sure we were good editors and whittled out the unnecessary fluff.

What’s Included?

  • Tent, Groundcloth, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Bag Liner, Pillow, Sleeping Pad, Microfiber Towel, Camp Chair, Table, Cooler (For gear specs click here).

  • First Aid Kit, Headlamp, Lantern, Lighter, Matches, Fire Starters, Multitool, Bottle of Dr. Bronner’s, Sponge, Garbage Bags, Ziploc Bags, Dish Towel

  • Kitchen/Cooking Kit: Spatula, Whisk, Measuring Implements, Cutting Board, Sharp Knives (In Sheaths), Garlic Press, Cheese Grater (Doubles as Zester), Plates, Bowls, Utensils, Drinking Cups, Thermal Cups for Hot Drinks, Wine & Martini Glasses (On Request), Frying Pan, Pot Set for Cooking, 2 Burner Stove, Propane, Spices & Condiments, Bag of Fresh Roasted Coffee, French Press, 40 oz. Thermal Container (On Request), & 64 Oz. Growler (On Request)

Additional Options

  • Extra Tent ($80 one time fee) - The fees for additional people cover the number of tents you’ll need to comfortably house everyone, but in case you want a little extra privacy or there is a snorer in the group, add an extra tent onto your order!

  • Shade Structure ($70 one time fee) - Keep your campsite cool & escape the sun

  • Additional Cooler ($55 one time fee) - The base package comes with a cooler, but depending on how much beer you plan to drink, another cooler might be a good idea!

  • Portable Power ($120 one time fee) - Taking so many pictures you’re worried about the batteries dying? Add solar paneled portable power, so you can stay charged!

  • Premium Sleeping Package ($75 one time fee per person) - Worried about getting a good nights sleep? Hest Outdoor's Sleep System takes the best things from your home mattress and packaged it up into a portable, deluxe comfort experience for under the stars.

Can’t make it to SoDo to pick up or drop off after your trip? We offer gear delivery & retrieval from anyplace within Seattle city limits!



Minimum Package
$195: 1 Person for 2 nights

Additional People?
$75/person (one time fee)

Additional Nights?

So, 4 people for 4 nights would be:
$195 (minimum package)
+ $225 (for extra three people)
+ $80 (for extra two nights)
= $500 total ($125 per person for entire trip, or about $31 per person per night)

To Reserve:

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  • Select the package and add ons

  • Select your date, duration and pick up time

  • Check out!