Camping & Live Music: Five Festivals We Can't Freakin' Wait For

The breathtaking view from Watershed. Source:  Sounds Like Nashville

The breathtaking view from Watershed. Source: Sounds Like Nashville

Festival Season is upon us! In our opinion there is no better way to enjoy live music than outdoors, and no summer is complete without at least one festival camping excursion. Here are five festivals this summer where we can’t wait to set up camp:

  • Timber! Outdoor Music Festival - July 11 - 13, Carnation, WA

    • Convenience is key with Timber!… While Carnation is only a 40 minute drive from the Peace Van Outfitters HQ, it feels like a world away! Timber! is one of the Pacific Northwest’s smaller festivals with a lineup chock full of awesome Indie acts. Absolutely worth seeing: Kuinka - Seattle based quartet playing upbeat folk pop AKA perfect music for dancing in a field of flowers

  • Summer Meltdown - August 1 - 4, Darrington, WA

    • Just go watch the video on Summer Meltdown’s Facebook Page and try to tell us it doesn’t look freaking awesome.

  • The Thing! - August 24 - 25, Port Townsend, WA

    • The founder of Sasquatch (yes we’re still sad about it) is back with a brand new festival debuting this August. The Thing! is not to be missed purely based on the lineup. Huge names like De La Soul, The Violent Femmes, Iron & Wine, and Tank & the Bangas plus some talented newcomers like Orville Peck. We have a feeling The Thing! is going to be a big thing… stay tuned for more updates on a forthcoming giveaway :)

  • Watershed - August 2 - 4, The Gorge, WA

    • We don’t know much about country, and we’re not going to pretend we do, but there’s something magical about listening to country music in one of the world’s most beautiful outdoor music venues. Any show at the Gorge is guaranteed to be an incredible time.

  • Pickathon - August 2 - 4, Happy Valley, OR

    • A little further of a trek than the other’s on our list, but worth it to experience the pinnacle of the essence of Portlandia. We adore Portland by the way.